How to Break Up Is A Problem (Part 1)

2014-08-30 12:23阿卡索英语

We all wish to have a relationship that lasts forever, but it is impossible in real life. Just as Ted told his children,Kids, when you’re single, all you’re looking for is 'happily ever after'. But only one of your stories can end that way. The rest end with someone else getting hurt.And then he told them one of these stories, which starts with a shirt. He said,None of this would have happen, if it hadn’t been a shirt.


1'happily ever after':

例:The prince and the princess got married and lived happily ever after. 王子和公主从此幸福快乐地生活在一起。

(2)None of this would have happen, if it hadn’t been for that shirt. 如果没有那件衬衫,一切都不会发生。(可以当成句型记下)


If it wasn't for you and your stupid balloon, I would be on the plane right now. But I’m not.如果不是因为你和那个气球,我早就上飞机了。(《FriendsS01E09

And I have to say, I never would've gone for it with her if it hadn't been for you. 要不是因为你,我肯定不会跟Julie表白。(《FriendsS02E01

Let’s see what happened!

how I met your mother》第一季第四集 节选


Scene 1Wearing a new shirt

Ted comes into the bar in the newly green-brown shirt. All his friends think it great.

Lily: Green and brown, together at last. 是口语中的说法,

完整的句子是“Green and brown go together (particularly well).

Marshall: Hot top, bro.

top: 上衣。

例:The skirt comes with a matching top.

like: 英语口语中很常见的一个词,表示“说话时停顿一下”或“对所说的内容不是很确定”。


Do you think you could, like, not tell anyone what happened.

It was like 9 o’clock when I got home.

Ted: Until this morning, I wasn’t into it at all.

be into something: =like/be interested in


I was really into skating when I was 10.

She’s a little bit too into her looks. 她有点太注重外表了。(《FriendsS01E08

Ted: But now it’s like my tastes have changed.



Then he takes a sip of bourbon in front of him, and finds now he loves bourbon, which he hated before.

Ted: Maybe it’s time to start forming some second impressions... What if there’s someone from my past, who I thought was wrong for me at the time, when in fact she, like my shirt, is actually a perfect fit ?


be a good/tight/close etc. fit: to fit a person or a particular space well, tightly, closely etc

例:I thought they’d be too big, but the shelves are a perfect fit. 原以为架子太大,结果都刚刚好。

注意:主语是复数或单数,后面都是接a perfect fit,不用变复数。